Since our foundation in 1965, ToshinChemitech has been doing our utmost to develop original products, facilitate large scale production lines and establish a rigid system of product quality control. Reflecting the character of the industrial center of Sakai City, our home base, ToshinChemitech's own company personality of thoroughness has been permeating every step of our business activities from manufacturing to service. Overcoming some tough obstacles and hard lessons along the way in terms of high costs, depressed economics, low demand, etc., we have streamlined our business and persisted with an indomitable sprit. Since the Cold War paradigm was collapsed, the powerful tide of globalization has been changing widely the structure of the economy indifferent to borders and urging the expansion of overseas operations. ToshinChemitech, positively challenging to difficult situations such as the "hollowing-out" of domestic manufacturing and demands reduced by the overseas moving of major customers, started the project of Thailand in 1993 and completed the construction of our Thai plant in 1995 and commenced manufacturing there.Beyond by this success, we are marching steadily forward to our goal of meeting ever larger demands and creating newer enterprises. Underlying these activities is a strong resolve to never deviate from the human oriented emphasis that has existed as our primary consideration since our founding. This is our strength and motivation. We believe the focus must be on a gWarm Humanityhconcept with a production capability flexible enough to meet various kinds of needs and at the same time answer to our company responsibilities towards environmental concerns. Foremost is our desire to consistently remember that technology is for people. We use it to make products more practical and useful for society's benefit. In this vein, we sincerely appreciate your continued patronage now and for the future. Thank you.
Life is becoming more personalized and diverse. And software is playing a increasingly vital role. Now, our industrial activities will step up even higher tomeet the challenges and needs of this new era.
ToshinChemtech is taking the years of experise and know-how gained from our industrial endeavors and applying these capabilities in the apparel and medical fields.
The same energy and drive that made us a leading company will newly focus on creating and producing the next standard of high quality products that is our trademark.
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